Internet is maybe the foremost convenient way to search for or to understand more about something. Only using your fingertips and do some clicks on your keyboard, you’ll get into the thing that you are looking for. Now that people are getting in touch with the internet, this is the best way to make your business known in your town or even around the world.

Businesses are always looking for new strategies to bring in customers. They have lots of options to achieve this, however, print advertising, direct mail, social media are all great ways to promote a business. Directory listings offer businesses an easy and economical way to reach customers online, but why? Well, there’s a lot of reasons why you should submit your business to some free web directories.

8 Reasons

Most consumers search online for local businesses.

The first of our eight reasons is that the majority of consumers search online for local businesses. Recent studies show that 97% of consumers use the internet when researching products or services in their local area. While other offline marketing efforts are important, directory listings help businesses get found where the majority of customers are already looking.

Newspapers, magazines, shopper guides, penny savers, or direct mail all play a role in local marketing, but they’re just not necessarily where people look or do their research prior to making a buying decision. They’re focused more on the casual browsing element of marketing. People or consumers will usually Google the businesses they’ve seen in ads to validate their existence or work, or to learn more about them.

The more exposure, the better.

It is already known that there are hundreds if not, thousands of directory websites all over the web, so what’s the purpose of listing business on the site? The simple answer is, the more listings of business has, the more likely customers will find them over the competition. Businesses that are listed on multiple directory websites help increase their online visibility and exposure.

Business owners everywhere would agree that there’s no such thing as too much local exposure. Just like there’s more than one pizza place, nail salon, an auto repair shop in town, there couldn’t very well be more than one local business directory website serving your town or city. That’s a good thing, competition is a good sign.

Top free web directory list



The web directory is also known as the link directory. It is the online list which is similar to the catalog containing the websites list. It is the directory on the world wide web. In the earlier times, these directories were used to get information about the businesses online and the same trend is in existence in the current times as well. The web directory contains the list of the websites along with the links to the websites in an organized manner. They are divided into categories and subcategories. Apart from the link, the entry also contains the title of website and the description of the content in that website.

Listing in web directory list

The directory list on the internet is easily accessible and it is possible for a new business to register into it. If you have a new business and are willing to register, then it is also possible to register for free. There are ways in which you can find information on the web; by searching and by browsing. The website links are provided in the structured manner in the web directory list.

Usually, people ask the reason for listing their business on the web directory list. The scope of the directories is general and the websites are listed in range of categories, language and region. Let me explain with an example. Suppose your website is in English in Gujarat, India region and of category rubber. Then the web directories list will display your business when a user searches for rubber in your region. They are different types of web directories list available in the market.

The web directories list contains a number of features which depends on the price that you have paid. First of all, let me clear that you can apply your business for free on the site. There is no charge for the review as well as listing for the site. If you are choosing the paid submission then you need to pay a onetime fee for reviewing as well as listing. If you opt for the featured listing option then you get a premium position in that particular category.



World of web is huge. It is so tremendous that it has a huge number of websites and tons of content hidden in it. And so, Search Engines and web directories is made. In fact, without these two websites, the internet would take years to find one small piece of quality information. Now, search engines and web directories, is the key. And made a differences between them and how they have made our lives easier.

The major differences between search engines and web directories is:

  • To start with the search engine have automated indices whereas the web directories have manual indices. In short, although both are search services, one has crawlers in it which crawl through images and content of website pages and display the results when a user types keywords. Whereas web directories are indices which are manually prepared and once the site is listed on it. Its manually reviewed. From here the search engine and web directories like Yahoo are not updated regularly. Compare to Google, its updating regularly.
  • In the search engines key algorithm web pages are included whereas in the other ones only websites are included. so again search engines are easy to use and are better.
  • The search engines do not charge any fee but getting yourself listed in top ten of the index is difficult, whereas in the web directories the listing is paid.
Final Thoughts

The search engines and web directories both have one function of solving the problem of search queries of users. No matter what you are using, you always want that the search plat form should show quality results to save time, money and effort. In case you are looking for quick information, then the search engine is better. And if you are looking for industry-specific information then web directory is better any day.



Steps to submit

A great way of promoting your website is through the directories. The directories contain some part of your work along with the contact information of the website. You can search on Google for the directories which cover the topics similar to yours. For different categories, different directory sire popular. For the hotel category the sot popular directory running is Lonely planet forums and the Agoda. When you are planning to gain the traffic to your website, keep in mind to start with the local directories. You should apply in the local directory list in your region and your town.

There are many simple sites which has some useful links for a particular subject. Find the best local directory list for your business and register into it. At some times it will be easy to add these directories with your site and sometimes it would be difficult. In most of the cases when you are willing to add your website to the directory list, you will need to go through the submission process. You should keep enough patience even if the process takes some time. When you are dealing with the directory list you need to be careful in following the rules and thus you should not promote your website in such a way that it is considered as the spam.

 Important tips

For submitting in the directory list, you need to submit the unique description off the website to each and every directory. The same description should not be used in different directory list otherwise you will be blacklisted. Please make sure that you don’t submit fake reviews. You can ask your customers to leave reviews for your company but you should not create fake accounts and leave reviews.

Apart from the directories you can also list your website with the search engines as they also contain the directory list of their own. Make sure that to provide proper information as the search engine will like to know about your site. If your site is already linked with other sites then there are chances that the search engines already know about it. You can search your business on search engine and if it shows up then the search engines know about it.

What is web directory list?

Top free web directory list

Directory Marketing


Listing in directory

The online world has grown to great extent and it is true that the online world provides you with benefits. The world of today has changed and people are searching for business online first and then choose to visit the store. Now, the question is how to make your online presence? There are many ways of making your online presence but the best way is by listing your business in the directories. The directories submission process is very simple. Business in the directory are well organized and place according to their respective category. Most important data you need to provide in the directory list are the Name of business, Description, webisite link, Telephone number and address

Now let us discuss in detail about the directories submission. First of all, the directories submission has different features and the one which you get depends on the price that you have paid. Initially you can start the directory submission free of cost. There is no charge applicable on the review and listing of the site. If you are willing to avail more features you can opt for the paid submission. Only one time payment will be charge upon submission. The purpose for the payment is the effort of the reviewer in examining your listing site.

Extra facility to increase rank

During the listing you can choose the no follow link. There is the rel=”nofollow”. It is an attribute which is linked with the link and it means that the search engines will not give importance to that link. The directories submission includes featured listing option. The link is provided a premium position in that particular category and section in the directory list. This is called the sponsored listing. The directories submission includes an aspect called bid for the position. Where in, it sorted accourding to their bids. The affiliate links features are shown during the directories submission, in which the directory listing can earn the commission when the customers visit the website.

The directories submission includes the feature of reciprocity. On which, this reciprocal link are the link that are added to the directory on the website. So that the website is listed higher in the directory. The no reciprocal link means that you have submitted your website for free and no need of adding a link back to your website.

Key differences between search engines and web directories



If you’re a business that operates out of physical bricks, notice storefronts, or any kind of business, then the odds are you want to attract customers that are nearby or local to you.  Let us know the ins and outs of one of the next ways to connect with local customers – local directories.

In this current situation, with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is now the right time for you to know how to get started, where to list your business, and how to manage your local profile.

A great way for local businesses to connect with potential customers in their area is by local directories. The first step is to create a listing. Your key information like your business name, your telephone number, and your address is required in these online listings. Having four walls or a local service area is also required for many local directories in order to be listed. So virtual businesses that don’t meet with customers directly are usually ineligible.

To get started, you need to pull together the name of your business as you want it to appear online. Also your phone number and your street address or wherever you receive mail in the post. The name of your business seems pretty straightforward but consistency is the key.

If the sign in front of your shop says Mike’s Bikes then you don’t want to list your shop as Mike’s Bikes in one directory and Michael’s Bicycles in another. For the address, you’ll need a physical address or location. Post office boxes and shed locations usually won’t be accepted. Just like with your business name, enter your address in the exact same way for every directory. Telephone numbers should be local as well including your area and country code. So generally, you won’t want to use a free phone number.

To and local customers you’ve got to have these three things: name, address and phone number. Once you know what to list, it’s time to find out where to list it. There are loads of online directories to choose from but it’s best that we start with the obvious ones, the EV Web Directory.

Listing your business here in EV Web Directory is free. Yes, you read that right. It is free and there are no hidden charges. You might be thinking that since this is free, the features might also be limited, but that is quite the opposite. EV Web provides unlimited features with easy steps to follow in listing business. Also, one thing that you wouldn’t want to miss is that the traffic data in EV Web is real. Unlike other directories which use data traffic bots.

Easy Steps to List Your Business

Now to get started with your business listing, here are some easy steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Category Selection

First, go to our Free Business Directory tab and select add listing.

Upon clicking the Add Listing button, the submission guidelines will appear together with the business genres below. Click the dropdown arrow so you can select what genre is your business. Make sure that you are selecting the right one so it could be sorted accurately.

Again, this is a free listing and another good thing here that you would not want to miss is that there is no expiration. Also, you can show at least 2 images about your business.

Step 2: Listing Information

After you have selected your business category, you need to fill in all the information about your business. Make sure that all the information is up to date, your business name is consistent, and that your business description is specific. You don’t want to confuse your customers by putting a lot of information that might not help them to get to know the products or service that you provides.

Step 3: Listing Images

Once you’re done listing your business information, it is now time for you to upload 2 images regarding your business. Now, since 2 images are only allowed, you might as well make the most of it. Make sure that you have showcased your business in those 2 images. You can also add a simple description of your images if you wish to.

Step 4: Terms and Conditions

Finally, the last step. This is where you have to agree to the terms and conditions of EV Web. Before ticking agree, make sure that you have read and understood all. Once done then you may now click the Complete Listing button to submit.

After doing all the steps needed, you can see on the website that your listing has been submitted. Though it still needs the admin’s approval, if you have not missed anything then it won’t take long. You will also receive an email indicating that EV Web has received your listing already. It might take 48 hours but it will still depend on the volume of businesses submitted.

Once approved, you can update and manage your listing anytime. That just means regularly reviewing and changing any information when necessary. You always want to keep your local listings consistent and up to date. Remember, if your name, address, or phone number changes, you need to update your listing immediately.

Process in Getting Listed Business Directory



Human edited directory

EV web directory is specialized in the search engine optimization and also in the business directory listing. It is the highly reputed business directory. Moreover, it is a human edited directory. The main goal of the EV web directory is to help the small business to get some extra exposure for their business. They help the small business by placing them in their web directory. We would explain you that how listing on our web directory prove to be helpful to the small businesses.

A research have been done and it has been found that out of 10 small companies 8 companies have listed themselves with web directories as a source of marketing. The latest trend of the print directories is the web directories in which EV web directory stands first. They give a great form of advertising to small business. Usually when people use the web directories they are in search of some particular service and thus listing your business on web directory can help in catching attention of your target audience or market. It is important to be listed otherwise your competitor will grab your customers.

High traffic

In case of the web directories it helps to pick those who have high traffic and a good Google rank. Both of them can be achieved by getting listed on the EV web directory. It helps your listing to appear higher in the Google results which increases the likelihood of your business getting found. A good online listing can help you to get a good return on investment.

It has been found that those using EV web directory get 20% more return as compared to the others. It is not effective way to spam the business into each and every directory. You need to choose the best ones which can give the maximum output in short period of time. The best one for small businesses is EV web directory. You can also list you business on other web directories. There are many web directories but you would find very less web directories with the combination of the free subscription and good directory. One such directory is EV web directory

Why it’s important to list business into a business directory?

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Getting listed on Google is an important part to get your business online presence. There are different ways in which you can get your business listed on Goggle but the simplest option is using the EV web directory. It is the web directory which lists your business online in their directory after reviewing it. It is the human edited web directory which means that the websites and business are reviewed manually before listing. This gives justice to each and every business. The best part of EV web directory is that it is the free directory submission site. Yes, it is true you don’t need to pay for getting your business listed on their webs directory.

Process in Getting Listed

The process of getting listed on EV web directory is very simple. You need to visit the website and start your listing. Choose the appropriate category for your business. An appropriate category helps them to review your business easily and also helps in listing it fast. Then you need to provide the basic information like name, address, and contact details of the business. Moreover, a business description is to be provided. It should be a nutshell of your entire business. An attractive description helps the EV web directory to review properly and also helps the customers to understand your business. The business details are reviewed manually and within some days a notification of approval will be sent. Once the approval is reviewed the business will start listing on web directory. Your path to Google listing starts from here.

EV web directory is an interesting web directory as it is completely free. You can check online and will find that there are very few directories which are good and provide their services for free. Listing your website and the URL helps to get ROI and also helps to appear higher in the Google results. Good quality web pages can get listed faster. It is important that you list your website in proper category so that it appears properly. Get an online presence easily and for free with EV web directory.

Submitting website to directory list

Top free web directory list



Listing online

Development of website is very much important in the current world of internet. Some people develop their blogs to make a stand in the online world. But, only developing a blog and website is not enough. The thing which is important is that making its presence online in the search engine like Google. Now you might be thinking how you can make your presence on Google. The answer is very simple. Web Directory listing is the very fastest and effective way to rank up your website. The most popular web directory is EV web directory.

Upon listed on EV Web you help your website to be seen in a different search engine like google, yahoo and bing. Site will be crawled and index by this search engine and show the website into the internet. Your rankings will be improved as you have the tag of getting listed in the EV web directory. EV web directory is a simple WordPress web directory which is unique in its terms as it does not run on program. All the listings are reviewed and listed manually. It means that the EV web directory is the human edited web directory.

Process of listing

There are different categories in which the website is listed. The categories list ranges from health to food and from business to real estate. There is no industry which is not included into the listing. The important part on your side as a lister is to list your website and business in the appropriate category. This makes the task of the EV web directory to review your listing fast and approve it faster. Yet, Proper categorizing your website will absolutely included the list easily into our platform directory site.

Why list on EV Web?