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The online world is very huge and its use is increasing day by day. In the current times, people are using online services to find about a business and then visit the store on the basis of its rating and reviews. Thus, it has become important to list your business online. Now the listing of business in online world includes the listing in the search engines and also in the directories. EV Web is a free web directory listing service. We are here to provide the free listing services to our customers.

A lot of website offer free directory listing and search engine listing which you can list your business. But most of them provide few features in the free listing. We, EV free directory business listing services, provide you with unlimited features with our free services. Inclusion into our web directory have an easy step to follow. First of all, you need to register yourself with us. We are interested in knowing your business in best manner which can allow us to list in proper categories.

What information to provide?

You need to provide your contact information, brief description about your business which helps us in proper listing. Within short period of time your business will be listed on our free web directory business listing. We would like to explain that we do not use algorithms to rank the business. We manually study the business listed and decide the ranks on basis of our study. This mean we use a manual process for listing your business and we make sure that the listing is bias free.

We would like to help you in submitting the detail in proper manner. Make sure to submit the details in English language and follow our submission guideline. We only include the top level link and no deep links will be added. Misleading keyword usage and title usage can lead to blacklisting. It is not safe to submit the unconstructed website as we decide rank by studying the site manually. We guarantee to provide our best services without any biasness which can help you to get good returns.

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