World of web is huge. It is so tremendous that it has a huge number of websites and tons of content hidden in it. And so, Search Engines and web directories is made. In fact, without these two websites, the internet would take years to find one small piece of quality information. Now, search engines and web directories, is the key. And made a differences between them and how they have made our lives easier.

The major differences between search engines and web directories is:

  • To start with the search engine have automated indices whereas the web directories have manual indices. In short, although both are search services, one has crawlers in it which crawl through images and content of website pages and display the results when a user types keywords. Whereas web directories are indices which are manually prepared and once the site is listed on it. Its manually reviewed. From here the search engine and web directories like Yahoo are not updated regularly. Compare to Google, its updating regularly.
  • In the search engines key algorithm web pages are included whereas in the other ones only websites are included. so again search engines are easy to use and are better.
  • The search engines do not charge any fee but getting yourself listed in top ten of the index is difficult, whereas in the web directories the listing is paid.
Final Thoughts

The search engines and web directories both have one function of solving the problem of search queries of users. No matter what you are using, you always want that the search plat form should show quality results to save time, money and effort. In case you are looking for quick information, then the search engine is better. And if you are looking for industry-specific information then web directory is better any day.

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