The web directory is also known as the link directory. It is the online list which is similar to the catalog containing the websites list. It is the directory on the world wide web. In the earlier times, these directories were used to get information about the businesses online and the same trend is in existence in the current times as well. The web directory contains the list of the websites along with the links to the websites in an organized manner. They are divided into categories and subcategories. Apart from the link, the entry also contains the title of website and the description of the content in that website.

Listing in web directory list

The directory list on the internet is easily accessible and it is possible for a new business to register into it. If you have a new business and are willing to register, then it is also possible to register for free. There are ways in which you can find information on the web; by searching and by browsing. The website links are provided in the structured manner in the web directory list.

Usually, people ask the reason for listing their business on the web directory list. The scope of the directories is general and the websites are listed in range of categories, language and region. Let me explain with an example. Suppose your website is in English in Gujarat, India region and of category rubber. Then the web directories list will display your business when a user searches for rubber in your region. They are different types of web directories list available in the market.

The web directories list contains a number of features which depends on the price that you have paid. First of all, let me clear that you can apply your business for free on the site. There is no charge for the review as well as listing for the site. If you are choosing the paid submission then you need to pay a onetime fee for reviewing as well as listing. If you opt for the featured listing option then you get a premium position in that particular category.


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