1. Terms Acceptance- As soon as you enter in a contract of listing of your content on EV Webs Directory, the first step is to accept the terms and conditions of the organization. This is done so that you are aware of the terms and conditions of the Web directory. And you are aware that you will not be informed in case any changes are made to terms and conditions at a later stage. You should be regularly updated.
  2. Third party linking- EV Web directory allows many outbound linkages to other websites but does not take the liability of the content on those websites.
  3. Usage of websites- EV Web directory has some set of rules and regulations for all the websites that submit their listing on this particular website. In case any website does not follow a rule or shows content which is not appropriate for the readers, then editors have full right to take it down. And in such cases no amount is refunded to the users.
  4. Use at your own risk- If you are using the website, you are using at your own risk and you should be aware of all the explicit and implicit warranties. This includes even leak of your personal contacts to third party websites.
  5. Limitation of liability- With the acceptance of terms and conditions, you accept to defend and consider Web series from any losses, liability costs or expenses.
  6. Termination- EV Web services have the full right to terminate the listing and the contract at any time if the website does not abide the law and in no case refund is issued. This can also be done if the sites possess harm or is spreading virus among the users, with corrupted files.
  7. Copyright- EV web Directory has all its content, logo and framework, protected by the law and in any case if you try to duplicate it, you can land in the problem.
  8. Privacy policy– The moment you agree terms and conditions you also agree to be part of mailing list of the web services.
  9. Back Up and Refund- No back up is provided and refund is provided only if the listing is rejected.