EV Web Directory Publishing requires you to click on a checkbox as a part of registration. They have a privacy policy, where in they require you to fill some information. Yet, you are agree and fully understand what the website is. This involves sharing of some information of yours. Although you will be informed about all the policies. From time to time, you should be in regular check of any update of their policies. The reason for this is that, the website administrator doesn’t guaranty its mailing system. Other Terms and Conditions of the website may found here. For any query about our privacy policy, you can reach us thru our contact us page.

Information collected under privacy policy:

You are required to submit your personal details upon clicking our submit button. These includes your contact name, your mail-Id and few other details. You have to check that whether these can be shared with some external clients or it will remain confidential to EV Web Directory services.

How this piece of information is used:

  1. When you submit your details, the EV Web Directory Publishing analyses your profile and come back with the detailed and personalized solutions for your websites.
  2. The profile shared from your end is used by EV Web Directory Publishing to give a satisfying experience as the user.
  3. The whole log files are analyzed for company’s personal growth and to understand the user movement on websites. This can include date, time, the amount of time spent and much more.
  4. Of course, as you sign privacy policy you become a part of their mailing lists. Therefore they can use your mail Id to send you a newsletter. These includes offers, updates and even service announcements like maintenance of the website.
  5. Although EV Web Directory Publishing assures no sharing of information but sometimes this might have to be presented in front of the law.
  6. Billing website of EV Web Directory Publishing like to check out services will never store your personal profile information, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  7. Complete precaution is taken to assure safety to users.
  8. Cookies capturing by other websites cannot be controlled by EV Web Directory Publishing, therefore that part has to be kept in mind on your own, and you can block cookies capturing when you visit these websites.