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A great way of promoting your website is through the directories. The directories contain some part of your work along with the contact information of the website. You can search on Google for the directories which cover the topics similar to yours. For different categories, different directory sire popular. For the hotel category the sot popular directory running is Lonely planet forums and the Agoda. When you are planning to gain the traffic to your website, keep in mind to start with the local directories. You should apply in the local directory list in your region and your town.

There are many simple sites which has some useful links for a particular subject. Find the best local directory list for your business and register into it. At some times it will be easy to add these directories with your site and sometimes it would be difficult. In most of the cases when you are willing to add your website to the directory list, you will need to go through the submission process. You should keep enough patience even if the process takes some time. When you are dealing with the directory list you need to be careful in following the rules and thus you should not promote your website in such a way that it is considered as the spam.

 Important tips

For submitting in the directory list, you need to submit the unique description off the website to each and every directory. The same description should not be used in different directory list otherwise you will be blacklisted. Please make sure that you don’t submit fake reviews. You can ask your customers to leave reviews for your company but you should not create fake accounts and leave reviews.

Apart from the directories you can also list your website with the search engines as they also contain the directory list of their own. Make sure that to provide proper information as the search engine will like to know about your site. If your site is already linked with other sites then there are chances that the search engines already know about it. You can search your business on search engine and if it shows up then the search engines know about it.

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