/ Read carefully with caution /

Web Directory Inclusion Guidelines:

–Title and Description of Suggested Site’s Must BE in English Language 
DESCRIPTION Must Be Unique, Check its 100% free from plagiarized. If your description is not unique, absolutely we will delete your submission.   
–  Business Description Must be minimum of 50 words.
– No Deep Links –  Only Top level page must be accepted ex.( Don’t include “/” at the end of your domain
– do not submit – Misleading Title, Description and keyword is not acceptable
– do not submit – Submitting more than 1 URL / website per month of the same IP address is not acceptable.
– do not submit – Do not submit auto submission or any automatic script.
– do not submit –  Illegal, Pornography and offensive materials is not acceptable.
– do not submit –  Site more than 2 pop up is not acceptable
– do not submit –  Mirror Websites, Veneer and redirect
– do not submit –  Site created for the purpose of Link exchange, Adsense, and Banners
– do not submit –  Sites with Free Domain such as Blogspot, Tumbler, and Weebly
– do not submit – ‘Make money online’ or ‘Snake Oil’ or  ‘Gamble site’
– do not submit –  Amazon, eBay, Yahoo,, Lazada ‘ etc. store based sites
– do not submit – Unconstructed site or website that are down on it server
– do not use – Don’t Capitalized all words (Title, Keyword and Description)
– do not use –   Don’t use symbols on your Title, Keyword, and Description such as “, !, :, |, <>, *
– do not use – Don’t use your domain as your Title
– do not use –  Title and Description must not be as your Keywords