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The process of submitting the RSS feed is an element in the internet marketing. Usually you use web directories to list your business and increase the ranking and traffic. The RSS feed is submitted to the RSS directories that are able to find the traffic to your website. EV web directory also provide the facility of listing the RSS feed. It keeps on showing the daily updated of the website to the customers who subscribe to view the RSS feed. When you submit the RSS feed to the directory the traffic increases towards your website and it also gains attention of the search engine towards your domain.


EV web directories provide the facility of RSS feed directory list. The RSS feed submitted to the RSS directories ensures that the surfers can get the clear way of associating with the website. The search engines give more importance to the sites which are visible on the web directories and the RSS directories as compared to other websites. The directories make the search possibly easy and friendly. The RSS feed which is submitted by the web maintains the visitors that visit the website daily.

The RSS submission has the importance of the back links which are formulated for the domain. The search engines give importance to the sites which has a large amount of back way links and thus you need to develop the RSS feed. Another advantage of the RSS feed directory list is that it works to generate free web traffic. The visibility of the website increases. The number of people who visit the website will help in profits of the websites.

The RSS directories provide benefit of the anchor text which is a way to link to your website. The keyword can be used and the descriptions can be built to allow the search engines to find your domain. You can get a large amount of traffic and also privatize the brand with the RSS feed. Any changes in the products, website content, etc will be notified to the daily users. EV web directory provides you with the RSS feed benefits.

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Listing in directory

The online world has grown to great extent and it is true that the online world provides you with benefits. The world of today has changed and people are searching for business online first and then choose to visit the store. Now, the question is how to make your online presence? There are many ways of making your online presence but the best way is by listing your business in the directories. The directories submission process is very simple. Business in the directory are well organized and place according to their respective category. Most important data you need to provide in the directory list are the Name of business, Description, webisite link, Telephone number and address

Now let us discuss in detail about the directories submission. First of all, the directories submission has different features and the one which you get depends on the price that you have paid. Initially you can start the directory submission free of cost. There is no charge applicable on the review and listing of the site. If you are willing to avail more features you can opt for the paid submission. Only one time payment will be charge upon submission. The purpose for the payment is the effort of the reviewer in examining your listing site.

Extra facility to increase rank

During the listing you can choose the no follow link. There is the rel=”nofollow”. It is an attribute which is linked with the link and it means that the search engines will not give importance to that link. The directories submission includes featured listing option. The link is provided a premium position in that particular category and section in the directory list. This is called the sponsored listing. The directories submission includes an aspect called bid for the position. Where in, it sorted accourding to their bids. The affiliate links features are shown during the directories submission, in which the directory listing can earn the commission when the customers visit the website.

The directories submission includes the feature of reciprocity. On which, this reciprocal link are the link that are added to the directory on the website. So that the website is listed higher in the directory. The no reciprocal link means that you have submitted your website for free and no need of adding a link back to your website.

Key differences between search engines and web directories



It is important to have a website for the online marketing purpose as it can help your business to become more popular. It is easy to get website traffic when you are having a proper strategy at the same time. The only important thing is to advertise in a proper manner. Proper objective are equally important.


It is important to provide the best headlines to the website as it allows a better ranking in the SEO. The main reason to give good headlines is that it may get unseen even if it is having a good blog. An attractive headline to the blog and website is important. Thus before you publish any content on the website you need to think about the headlines twice. If it is possible you need to make the different options for the website and then decide the best headline which can allow generating the traffic to the website.

Using keywords

It is important to make proper use of keywords to get good website traffic. This keywords also known as long tail keywords or short keyword. It means that if you do not have proper keywords then you will miss a good traffic to your website. The long tail keywords are the one which make the searching of the website easier. The website becomes user friendly which can help in getting more traffic to the website.


If you check the online world, then you can find that there are many industry leaders who are keen on talking with you. So you can take some interviews with such industry leaders of your business field. The interviews can be then published on the blog. It will help in increasing the importance which will allow you to get more customers. It will go to website. This plays an important role in the recognition of the brand. This will have a good effect on the website traffic. In short, it can be said that once the website is prepared you will need to take care that the website traffic at the perfect level. If no, then making a new website can bring profit for you.

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