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Nirmalaya is a brand of incense sticks, essential oils, hawan cups, and much more. Nirmalaya incense sticks are made from natural ingredients and floral waste of the temple. for example Flowers. Waste flowers are the ones left after worship in the temple and petals shed in the river. When Nirmalaya learned that religious places in India throw away more than two million tonnes of flowers and bio-degradable waste every day, it embarked on a mission to find a solution on how to save this waste. The idea was to preserve the faith of the devotees who offer these flowers at religious places and make valuable products from them that can be reused in religious places. Then the idea came to make incense products. Then it started working on it.It not only cleans the dirt but also cleans the environment. The creations at Nirmalaya are eco-friendly, sustainable, and also pure. Nirmalaya is a brand that employs women from an unprivileged section of society. Nirmalaya incense sticks are available in Single packaging and combo packs, and many more categories, like Incense Sticks, Dhoop Sticks, Incense Cones, Backflow Incense Cones, Havan Cups, Essential Oil, Diffuser, Gift Box and etc. Griha Yantra is the symbol of auspiciousness behind Nirmalaya incense sticks. The most ancient and potent kundali Mithun (astrologer) Griham Sthanam says " for longevity, purity and strength". We all know how important it has been beneficial for our life with benefits like improving health, staying away from diseases, etc. Today Nirmalaya incense sticks and cones are a household name across the country.

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