Bureau of Internal Revenue District Office No. 34 – Paco Pandacan Sta. Ana San Andres

Bureau of Internal Revenue District Office No. 34 – Paco Pandacan Sta. Ana San Andres
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BIR Paco Pandacan - District Office - Responsible in collection of tax and serve as the front-line assistance for the taxpayer within the area of jurisdiction. It consist of the following barangays and zones;

66171 Tayala-Isla Convale to Romualdez-Isla Proviso
66271 UN Avenue- E. Santianas
66371 Fernandez-Romualdez to Fernandez - Romualdez
663-A71 Romualdez-Isla Convale to Romualdez-Isla Convale
66471 Isla Provisor-UN Ave. to D. Romualdez-Tangue
664-A71 Est De San-Banas U to Tangue-Cristobal
67173 Syson-San Gregorio to A. Linao-Est De Paco
67273 Syson-Belen to Paul-Est De Paco
67373 Escoda - P.Gil to A. Linao -Est De Paco
67473 Belen-G Apacible to Taft Ave. Asilo Vicente
67573 J L Escoda -P Gil to J L Escoda - P. Gil
67673 P Faura-JL Escoda to UN Ave." - JL Escoda
67773 Est De Paco-Cristobal to Cristobal-Paz
67874 San Gregorio - Zulueta to Paz-Pres. Quirino Ave.
67974 San Gregorio-13 de Ago to Est De Paco - Paz
68074 San Gregorio - Perdigon to San Gregorio - Perdigon
68174 Perdigon - P Gil to Perdigon P Gil
68274 P. Quirino - P Gil to Peñafrancia - P. Dilao
68374 Paz-Merced to Paz-Merced
68474 Santiago-Paz to P. Gil Felina
68574 Merced - Union to P. Gil-Quirino
68675 P. Gil-Quirino to J. Nakpil - A. Linao
68775 P. Gil-J. Nakpil to Singalong-A. Linao
68875 J. Nakpil-P. Quirino to J. Nakpil-P. Quirino
72278 P. Quirino - San Andres to P. Quirino-San Andres
73180 San Andres-Esguerra to A. Linao-Muñoz
73280 Muñoz-Est Tripa to Gonzalo-San Isidro
73380 Singalong-Est Tripa to Singalong-Est Tripa
73480 Est De Paco-S Superhighway to Est De Paco-SS
73680 Est De Paco-A Bayan
73880 Muñoz-Est De Tripa
73980 Muñoz-End to Muñoz-Est De Tripa
74280 A. Linao-Anak Bayan
74380 P Quirino-San Andres to P. Quirino-San Andres
74480 San Andres-Esguerra to San Andres- Esguerra
74580 F Torres-Camachile to F Torres-Camachile
74681 Camachile-Estrada to Est Tripa-Leyte
74781 Taal-S. Superhighway to Esguerra - F. Torres
74881 Taal-G. del Pilar to Esguerra-F. Torres
74981 F Torres-Estrada to F. Torres - Estrada
75081 Taal-S Superhighway to Est Tripa-Esguerra
75181 Arellano-F. Torres to Arellano-F Torres
75281 F. Torres - Estrada to F Torres-Estrada
75381 Leyte-C. De Amor to Leyte - C. De Amor
75481 Arellano -Ave. Dian to Est Tripa-Arellano
75582 V. Cruz-Zobel Roxas to Arellano-Bautista
75682 V. Cruz -Zobel Roxas to Bautista-Dian
75782 V. Cruz-Zobel Roxas to Dian-Aquino
75882 V Cruz- Zobel Roxas to Aquino-S Superhighway
75982 Estrada-V. Cruz to A Aquino-S Superhighway
76082 Estrada-V. Cruz to Dian- A Aquino
76182 Estrada-V. Cruz to Bautista-Dian
76282 Estrada-V. Cruz to Estero Tripa -Bautista
76383 Estrada-Zobel Roxas to Amatista-Zapiro
76483 Estrada-Zobel Roxas to Railroad-Amatista
76583 Estrada- Zobel Roxas to Zapiro-Crisolita
76683 Estrada-Z. Roxas to Crisolita-Rivera
76783 F Torres-Estrada to F. Torres-Estrada
76883 F Torres-Estrada to F. Torres-Estrada
76983 F Torres-Estrada to F. Torres-Estrada
77084 F Torres-Z Roxas to Tenorio-Eloriaga
77184 Santos-Raymundo to Santos-Raymundo
77284 ORO A-Tenorio to ORO A -Tenorio
77384 Raymundo -ORO A to Raymundo to ORO A
77484 Tenorio-Elizaga to Francisco - F. Torres
77584 Estrada-Z. Roxas to Gonzalo-Santos
77684 Estrada-Z. Roxas to A Arellano-Pasig Line
77784 Cong A Francisco to Cong A Francisco
77885 Estrada-Z Roxas to Eloriaga - A. Arellano
77985 F. Torres-Estrada to F Torres-Estrada
78085 End-F Torres to Pasig Line-F Torres
78185 Pasig Line - Tejeron to Cong Francisco-end
78285 Pasig Line - Tejeron to Pasig Line-Tejeron
78385 Pasig Line - Tejeron to Pasig Line - Tejeron
78486 Francisco-Gallina to Gallina-Gramante
78586 Gallina-Francisco to End-Cong A Francisco
78686 G S Rivera-Marina to Gallina-Francisco
78786 Road 16-ORO A to Road 13-Francsico
78886 Est Gallina-Road 14 to Est Gallina-Road 6
78986 Est Gallina-Road 11 to Pasig Line-Road 15
79086 Diamante Ext-F Torres to Road 3-Road 13
79186 Torres-Diamante Ext to Torres-Diamante Ext
79286 Tejeron-Pasigline to P Gil-Cong Francisco
79386 End-Suter to Dr. M Carreon-Suter
79487 Concha-G. S. Rivera to Gallina-Diamante
79787 Topacio-Concha to Road 4-Diamante
79887 Crisolita-Topacio to De Pinido-Diamante
79987 Railroad-End to End-Est De Galina
80187 Diamante-Francisco to Crisolta-GS Rivera
80287 Zapiro-Crisolita to Diamante-Francisco
80387 Diamante-Francisco to Diamante-Francisco
80487 Francisco-F Torres to Francisco-F Torres
80587 Francisco-F Torres to Francisco-F Torres
80687 Francisco-F Torres to Francisco-F Torres
80787 Francisco-F Torres to Francisco-F Torres
80888 1st Street-4th Street to 1st Street-4th Street
80988 8th Street-6th Street to Neptuno-Aviadores
81088 88 Est Galina-8th Street to 4th Street-Neptuno
81188 Railroad-Main to Railroad-Main
81288 P Gil-Est De Gallina to GS Rivera-Road 19
81388 P Gil-Est De Gallina to Neptuno-GS Rivera
81488 P Gil-San Vicente to Railroad-A Isip
81688 P Gil-Concepcion Colle to San Vicente-Pandacan
81788 P Gil-San Vicente to A Isip-P Gil
81988 Sta Maria-De Gallina to Real - P Gil
82088 P Gil-End to P Gil-End
82389 End-Est De Pandacan
82489 End-Plaza Dilao
82589 End-Est De Pandacan
82689 End-Zamora to Burgos-Est De Pandacan
82789 End-Zamora to Burgos-Est De Pandacan
82889 End-Est De Concordia
82990 P Quirino-Pasigline to Paz-M Guanzon
83190 End-Est De Concordia to PM Guanzon-Pandacan
83391 Balagtas-Cementeras
83491 Pandacan-End to End-Jesus
83591 Palumpong-Railroad to Jesus-Beata
83791 Certiza-Jesus Ext to End-Jesus Ext.
83991 Railroad-Certeza to Sto. Niño-Pasig Line
84091 Sto. Niño-L Dela Paz to Barreto-Certiza
84192 Ilang-ilang-End to Ilang-ilang-End
84292 Odioso-Zamora to Market Site
84492 Odioso - Ext. Pandacan
84592 Sampaguita-Pandacan to P Quirino-End
84692 Hilum-Est Pandacan to End-Hilum
84792 T San Luis-Narciso to T San Luis-Rosario
84892 T San Luis-Narciso to T San Luis-Narciso
84993 Ilang ilang-End to End-Carlos
85093 Ilang Ilang - End to Ilang - Ilang -End
85193 Zamora-Carlos to Pandacan-Ilang-Ilang
85293 Ilang-Ilang-End to Ilang-Ilang -End
85393 Depressed Area
85493 Depressed Area
85593 E Carlos- End to End - P Quirino
85693 P Quirino - Labores to Sampaguita-Hilum
85793 Carlos-Railroad
85893 Kailum-Labores to Railroad-Hilum
85993 Kahilum-Menandro to Flerida-Railroad
86093 End-P Floresca to End-P Floresca
86194 Gen. Osmalic-End to Balagta-End
86294 Menandro-Adonis to Flerida - P Floresca
86394 Balagtas-Flerida to Balagtas-Flerida
86494 Railroad-End to End- Dr. NL Carreon
86594 Dr. Carreon-Sto. Niño
86695 Dr. Carreon-Pandacan to Pandacan -Dr. Carreon
86995 Felix-Dr. Carreon to Felix - Dr. M Carreon
87396 P Gil-Bayani to P Gil- Suter
87496 Cagayan-Medel to Tejeron-Medel
87596 M Roxas-Medel to Medel- M Roxas
87696 Venus-Sta Ana Site to P Gil-Pasig River
87796 P Gil-Suter to Cong Francisco - P Gil
87896 Tejeron-Medel to Francisco-Syquia
87996 New Panaderos- P Gil to Pasig River-Panadero
88096 Dr Carreon-P Gil to Dr Carreon-M Roxas
88197 Garrido-R del Pan to Garrido-R del Pan
88297 Calderon-Nunez to Calderon-M Roxas
88397 Calderon-Nunez to Havana -Pasig River
88497 J Syquia-Lamayan to Havana-J Syquia
88598 New Panaderos-P Gil to Sta. Ana Church-End
88698 End-Azucena to End-Azucena
88798 Tupaz-Lamayan to Azucena-Lamayan
88898 Azucena-Lamayan to Azucena-Lamayan
88998 Embarcadero-End to Calderon-Sta. Clara
89098 Lamayan to Lamayan
89198 Lamayan-Pasig River to Lamayan - Pasig River
89299 New Panaderos-Boundary to Lambingan-Bautista

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Contact Number
518-0603 / 567-41-55 / 518-0815
7/f Benlife Building Solano St. Intramuros Manila

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