Forsspac – MEPF Engineering Design
2F & 3F Prince Building
117 Rada Street
Legaspi Village
Makati City

Forsspac is the industry leader in MEPF Engineering Design, Testing & Commissioning, and Architectural Services.

+632 310 5130
Feiner Services – Science and Technology Related Services
Am Anger 2
86932 Germany

Science and technology related services provided by an experienced physicist with a Ph.D. in physical chemistry. Be it technical advice on wireless power transfer, optics, high-temperature materials, precision positioning or corona discharges: this is where you find help and relevant information.
If you need a website built or a technical translation Feiner Services can do that for you as well.

Examples of devices designed by Feiner Services:
Transcutaneous Energy Transfer for Implantable Blood Pumps
Implantable Highly Efficient Rectifier
Birthing Simulator
Wireless Energy Transfer System in the KW Range
Active Vibration Damping Device
Hygrometer to Work at High Temperatures

Examples of advice rendered by Feiner Services:
Evaluation of a Novel Interference Setup
Evaluating Metals and Alloys for High-Temperature and High-Humidity Environments
Advising Patent Attorneys and Lawyers on Technical and Scientific Matters
Increasing the Efficiency of Lead-Acid Accumulators

0049 8196 928 946
PlusFurnace Laboratory Equipment
B-46 Industrial Area
Sahipur Shalimar Bagh

At the year 1978, the company owns PlusFurnace as a result to promote their laboratory research equipment. The company has own manufacturing unit for laboratory heat treatment systems, laboratory refrigeration systems, workstations and other related machines.