Etsy Keyword Research: How To Find Keywords For Your Shop?
18 March 2019 | 9:53 pm

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace or e-commerce website focused on handmade, gifts, vintage items and unique manufactured items.

Etsy Keyword Research
Etsy Keyword Research

It is a huge website with a huge base of sellers and buyers.

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What is Etsy SEO?

Etsy SEO is a process that will help to increase the visibility of your shop and products by ranking them higher in the Etsy search result pages, but also in the search engines like Google, Bing, etc...

How do I optimize my Etsy shop?

When it comes to optimizing your shop there are a few things to remember:

  1. Offer a good selling product,
  2. Choose the best keywords for your shop,
  3. Write a great shop title,
  4. Write a good shop description,
  5. Name your shop sections with well-chosen keywords,
  6. Write a great product description, including item title and description.

How do tags work on Etsy?

Tags on Etsy are very similar to tags on any other platforms, like for example tags on Wordpress.

So tags can be used as single words or small group of words that can describe your product on the shop.

Then the search engine matches your product tags with search queries that users type in the search form to give them relevant results.

So as you can see tags are very important and if used well can bring you traffic and increase sales of your products on your shop.

So you need to know what people are searching on the search form and then write those words or phrases on tags, but not only on tags but on a product title, description, categories, etc...

What is Etsy Keyword Research?

Etsy Keyword Research is a process similar to keyword research for any search engine optimization but its purpose is to find the best keywords for you to include in your shop, your item (product) that you want to sell on Etsy.

Etsy Keyword Research helps you find queries that have high demand or good monthly search volume, a low competition which means that are easy to rank, and high engagement from the searchers on the search engine.

How do I find keywords on Etsy?

There are a lot of different ways to do keyword research for Etsy, and I am going to explain some of them in here.

Here's how to do that:

Like for any other keyword research process, here also you need tools to do the research and choose the best possible keywords for your campaign.

Some of the best tools to do this type of keyword research are:

1. Search Bar - Keyword Suggestions

Just like in Google search bar, you can get query suggestions when you start writing the words in the search form on Etsy.

Usually, those keyword suggestions are the best when it comes to finding search queries because the search engine knows what is being searched on and based on the word that you start writing they give you suggestions.

To get the approximate monthly search volume for every search query, you can use the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension and that will give you the search volume for every word you type.

2. Google Keyword Planner

You can use Google Keyword Planner for finding the best keywords of your competitors on Etsy.

Pay attention!

Open Google Keyword Planner, then go to your competitor's shop on Etsy and copy the URL of their shop on the browser, or copy the URL of some of their products that are competing and outranking the same product like yours and then paste it in the Google Keyword Planner form.

After pasting the URL on the Google Keyword Planner, then choose "This page only" and click "Get started".

Then Google Keyword Planner will extract for you all the keywords that this page is using to rank for.

3. Etsy Trends

With Etsy Trends you can see which products are trending on Etsy.

This will be very helpful to you for product research and based on that you can also make research as described above and find the best keywords of the best trending products.


EtsyRank is a keyword research tool that is free to use so it is one that I suggest you use for your optimization project.

Go to EtsyRank and create a new account if you don't already have one, then connect your shop with this tool.

Then in the menu click on the keyword tool to open the tool.

In the tool just write your seed keyword, in this case, it should be the keyword that in the best way describes your product.

After this step, then the EtsyRank tool will give you a lot of information about the seed keyword you have typed.

This information is the metrics that EtsyRank will give you, and those metrics are:

Engagement - shows us the engagement that your specific keyword got in the past on Etsy. It's important because tells us how likely this product described with this keyword will sell.
Demand - shows us the search volume of the search term, how many times in average this query has been searched monthly until now.
Competition - tells us how much this keyword is competitive, and it is measured from EtsyRank by calculating how many times the keyword have been used as a tag on products on Etsy.

The best keywords are highlighted with green color on all three metrics.

If you need this service to be done for you then you can always contact me and Get a Quote from me about your project.

Youtube Keyword Research: Find Popular Video Tags
17 February 2019 | 2:06 pm

Youtube Keyword Research Service For You

Youtube Keyword Research is a process where we search for words or phrases (keyword search) that people search in the Youtube search form to find the videos they are looking for.

I am very skilled and experienced in doing keyword research, and I am ready to do this service for you, in a very professional way, for a small fee./hire me

Youtube Keyword Research
Youtube Keyword Research

Youtube is a platform where people list their videos, but also it is a search engine where searchers search for video topics.

Youtube SEO: Increase traffic on your Youtube videos by finding the best keywords to include in your title and description and raise your ranking videos in Youtube video search result page.

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How do you search for keywords on YouTube?

To search long tail keywords for Youtube there are a lot of procedures, using various SEO tools and methods.

Find Seed Keywords for Your Video

When you start your Youtube Keyword Research process first you need to find or know your seed keywords for your video.

How to find Seed Keyword for Video?

You need to know the content of the video, you need to know what is the video talking about (video content).

If you do not know what is the video is talking about you need to watch the video and ask yourself "What is this video talking about?", "How you would search for this video on Youtube?".

It's good to find approximately two seed keywords for every video.

Find Related Keywords for the Seed Keywords

Search for the Seed Keywords in Google and Youtube and copy the related keywords from Google and youtube autocomplete.

Make a list of around 8 related keywords.

Start The Youtube Keyword Research

So now you have a list of around 10 keywords (2 Seed + 8 Related), open your youtube keyword tool and paste those keywords in there.

There are some tools that offer Youtube keyword research for video SEO and if you have access to these kinds of tools then continue the process in those tools, if not you can always use Google Keyword Planner.

In your chosen SEO tool continue to do the keyword research process in the same way you would do for SEO for Google.

Find the keywords with a good monthly search volume and that are easy to rank for. 

Competition Research: How do you see YouTube videos tags?

If you want your research to be even more complete than I would prefer you to do the competition research.

How to do Competition Research on Youtube?

Go to Youtube and make a search for your Seed Keyword and open the video on top of the search result page.

Open the source code of the video and in HTML code search (Ctrl+F) for "tag" and you can find in there keyword tags used by your competition.

You can continue the same process for the second Seed Keyword and for other related keywords that you have found with the keyword research done before.

How many tags can I put on a YouTube video?

You can use as many tags as you want but it is preferred to use around 8-10 keyword tags per video.

Outsource The Work To Me

If you find this work to be hard, or if you do not have time to do it, you can always outsource the work to me, by just clicking the "hire me" button belove.

Amazon Keyword Research and Best-Ranking Tips and Tools 2019
9 December 2018 | 7:04 pm

Here I am going to write about Amazon Keyword Research as the most important process in the optimization of a product listing in Amazon.

Like everything regarding optimization for ranking on search engines, that starts with the keyword research, the same should be applied also for listing products in Amazon and ranking high in Amazon search engine.

Amazon Keyword Research
Amazon Keyword Research

There have never been easier to start a business online then now because there are many ways available to sell the products or services that we offer.

Amazon is the best platform available online to sell products.

It is very helpful, but also it is hard to become a successful seller there because of the very high competition on Amazon.

That's where Amazon SEO comes in handy!

Amazon Search Engine Optimization

Amazon SEO is an optimization process of a product listing to rank higher in the Amazon search engine for a query that consumers are searching in Amazon.

An Amazon product listing needs optimization, but not just for ranking high but also for converting into sales, so we need to sell our products in Amazon and not just visitors clicking on them.

Types Of Keywords

And that's why we need to know how to differentiate informational and buyer keywords.

Informational keywords are words that we use to describe something that searchers are searching in the search engines.

Buyer intent keywords are those words that searchers are searching in the search engines with the intent to buy something usually online.

For example, an informational keyword is "How do I optimize my Amazon listing??", and a buyer intent keyword is "I need Amazon product listing service".

Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Any way to do the process of keyword research for Amazon, there a lot of available tools, to help us do the research, and I will be listing some of them in here.

Some of these tools are free to use and some needs to be paid but allow a free trial or offer limited use.

1. Amazon Keyword Tool: Research Amazon Keywords For SEO (FREE)

So this tool uses Amazon suggest from the Amazon search engine and generates the most used relevant keywords for the query that we do the research.

2. Sonar – Free Amazon Keyword and Product Research Tool

Find the most profitable keywords in over 75 million real Amazon search terms. Discover competitor's keywords with free reverse ASIN lookup.

3. Keyword Inspector - The Free Amazon Keyword Suggestions Tool

Similar to other tools above this tool also uses the search suggestions and you can also use the free reverse ASIN lookup.

4. Amazon Reverse ASIN Search Tool

This tool helps us to find the keywords that our competition is using in their listings.

And this process is by simply putting the ASIN of their products in the search form, this tool will then bring us with keywords that our competition is using in his listing.

So ASIN reverse lookup process is similar to competition research in the SEO process for Google or other search engines.

These tools are some of the most known on the internet for Amazon Keyword Research, but there are more, and you can find them with a short time Google search.

The process for this process is very easy and most of the people can do it very easy with these tools, but there is more for professional keyword research for Amazon and you can always hire me to do the job for you.

I recommend you to read also about Etsy SEO and Keyword Research.

If you have any questions, you can use the comments form belove and let me know about that.

Keyword Research Guide: Actionable Best SEO Tips and Metrics
22 November 2018 | 5:40 pm

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a process that every website owner, blogger, a small business owner must do so that it starts the Search Engine Optimization of his/her website, blog, product in the right order.

When you do SEO for your website, the first thing you should think of is what keywords to target on your pages and then to begin to optimize those pages around those chosen keywords.

What is Keyword Research?
What is Keyword Research?

The process of choosing those keywords is known as Keyword Research.

How to choose which keywords to target?

Knowing what are people searching in the Google search bar is not easy?

But still, it is a necessary task for SEO to find out those search terms.

The most important thing in the keyword research process is to know how to choose the right keywords, what are the main criteria that we should use to select the keywords that we should target.

In the web, there are a lot of articles available where you can learn how to do keyword research, but sadly a lot of them are not good explained or they do are not on point and updated about keyword research.

Types of Keyword Research

There are multiple types of keyword research, and that is by taking into consideration the aim of the process is why we are doing keyword research and what is the main purpose why we are doing it.

We should take into consideration a lot of things, like what is your target audience, for whom you are writing your blog post, who are your potential costumers or buyer personas, etc...

1. Keyword Research for SEM Campaign

Search Engine Marketing, shortly known as SEM, is a paid method of internet marketing to advertise on the different websites of the internet, with the main purpose of increasing traffic and conversions on the internet.

For SEM to be successful, the successful process of keyword research is also a must to be done and used to know what keywords to target in the SEM campaign.

2. SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization is the reason why I am writing this article, is a service that I offer as a freelancer.

The process helps to identify keywords that we need to target on our pages and optimize around them so that we rank high on SERP (search engine result pages).

3. Keyword Research To Help Sell on Big E-commerce Online Websites

A lot of business owners, producers, and sellers, use big e-commerce websites to sell their products, services online.

These online e-commerce websites are huge and have a lot of competition and to be able to to be seen on these site's it is needed optimization of the product listings to be done, and in this case, the most important factor is to know which keywords to target in the listings.

4. Social Media Keyword Research

In these last years, social media have become very important for the website owners, bloggers, etc, to increase traffic, conversions, sales, etc...

There are different types of research for the optimization of social media, and the most popular ones are for Youtube and Pinterest.

Keyword Metrics To Be Considered for Keyword Research

When doing keyword research, there are a lot of metrics available in the keyword tools, and we need to know which ones to use for identification of the best possible keywords.

1. Search Volume (Usually Monthly)

Search Volume is the most important factor in the process because we need to know how much are people searching on the internet for the keywords we are choosing to focus on.

2. Cost Per Click (CPC) 

CPC is important for the paid campaign of search engine marketing, but not only, because it is important also for SEO, because the higher the cost per click, it means that keyword has higher buyer intent and higher conversion.

3. Paid Difficulty 

Paid Difficulty is a metric important in the paid search campaigns and helps to know what kind of keywords to target.

4. SEO Difficulty 

SEO Difficulty is one of the most important metrics in the process that needs to be identified.
It serves to us to know the difficulty of a keyword to be ranked in search engine result pages.
Sadly, not all the SEO tools offer to reveal this metric, and even those that offer this, some of them are not accurate.

How do you do keyword research?

My tips for effective keyword research are:

1. When choosing the seed keyword to try to think for two seed keywords that are somehow related, and do the search in Google for these keywords and from Google search page copy the keyword suggestions that come up in SERP after the search is made.

After that also copy the link of the first or second search result in SERP, paste them all in a spreadsheet.

Do that also for the second seed keyword.

2. Go to your preferred keyword research tool and paste them all in the search field.

Start the keyword research campaign, and download the results in the spreadsheet.

3. After that remove all the duplicates from the spreadsheet, filter the results and remove all the keywords with less than three words, and remove also all the keywords with less than 100 search volume.

If your tool offers SEO difficulty metric then remove also the all the keywords with the hard and medium SEO difficulty.

4. Still, there should remain a huge number of keywords in the spreadsheet, but here you must start checking the keywords manually for their relevancy and remove all the keywords that are not relevant to the seed keywords that you have started the process in the beginning.

If the keyword research is done in this way, you will find keywords that are relevant, easy to rank and have decent search volume.

After all the process is done, don't forget to save the spreadsheet document.

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